Intellyx Principal Analyst & CMO Jason 'JE' English

SUFFOLK VA, NOVEMBER 1, 2018 – I am pleased to announce that Jason ‘JE’ English has joined Intellyx as Principal Analyst and CMO today.

JE – we’re calling him JE because we already have too many Jasons – brings his extensive background in enterprise software marketing to Intellyx, along with expertise across the IT landscape.

Intellyx Principal Analyst & CMO Jason 'JE' English

Intellyx Principal Analyst & CMO Jason ‘JE’ English

I worked with JE when I was at ZapThink and he was at ITKO and later CA Technologies. Then I worked with him again at Intellyx when he was at Skytap.

With my background as an analyst and Charlie’s background in enterprise IT, JE’s background in enterprise software marketing nicely rounds out our capabilities.

Most recently, JE was VP Alliances & Supply Chain Ecosystem Marketing at Sweetbridge, a blockchain company – so he’s seen how the sausage is made at both enterprise vendors and the crazy blockchain world as well.

JE will be bringing his own perspective on enterprise IT and digital transformation to the work we do here at Intellyx, so expect to see plenty of insights from him, either via our biweekly Cortex newsletter or the BrainBlog posts, white papers, and webinars we produce for our clients.

I’m also ecstatic that JE will be serving as our CMO. I’ve been handling most of the web and marketing responsibilities so far, so it’ll be good to get those off my plate – and to put them into the hands of a professional.

So, expect to see a new web site, additional video content, and other improvements in how we communicate here at Intellyx.

Please join me in welcoming JE to the Intellyx family. If you’d like to contact him directly, please email him at

Jason Bloomberg, President

Intellyx publishes the Agile Digital Transformation Roadmap poster, advises companies on their digital transformation initiatives, and helps vendors communicate their agility stories.

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