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uground - Intellyx Brain CandyWe share a high-level outlook with Uground, an emergent no-code company from Spain. In the next five years, many enterprise applications, as well as the need for coders to build and configure them, will fade deeper into the background as standardized platforms for declaratively enabling business functionality will take their place.

Their approach of their Semantic Engineering platform, already in use by some businesses in Europe and Latin America, is to allow humans to ‘transfer knowledge’ to their platform using natural business language and diagrams. Their system then interprets the intended business conceptual and activity model into user interfaces, logic and state models, and then implements new processes, including integrations with underlying data sources and systems.

“We aren’t talking about building applications, we are talking about enabling actors and processes, in business flows, using a universal platform,” says CEO Alfonso Diez. “The result is a total no-code deployment, that supports every business function.”


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