Webinar Playback: Microservices Virtualization: How to Share Shared-Nothing Microservices

Microservices are all the rage. An important characteristic of microservices is “shared nothing” … the idea of including necessary libraries or other elements in each microservice. […]

Challenges of Microservices Architectures

“By paring down the capabilities of each individual microservice, we externalize the responsibility for many aspects of our application: scalability, management, and integration in particular.” This […]

You’ve Got Ads! Verizon Buys Aol In Digital Advertising Play

Verizon Communications completed its $4.4 billion acquisition of Aol today in one of the more peculiar strange-bedfellows digital matchups of the decade. On first glance, the […]

Automate cloud app scaling, resource use, and recovery

By Allen Kane Jason Bloomberg once wrote a good definition on cloud workloads: “The best way to think about a Cloud workload is [as] all the […]