Architecting Change as a Core Competency

In a recent article for Forbes I wrote that enterprise architects (EAs) should be less agents of change as architects of change. In response, several EAs […]

Intellyx Announces Publication of Agile Digital Transformation Roadmap Poster

Free poster lays out steps necessary for enterprises to align with customer preferences by implementing change as a core competency ASHEVILLE NC, JUNE 27, 2016 – […]

Bimodal Backlash Brewing

Since I wrote last September’s article Bimodal IT: Gartner’s Recipe For Disaster lambasting Gartner’s advice on Bimodal IT, quite a number of analysts, pundits, and other […]

SIOS: Essential for Mission-Critical VMware Environments

Virtualization has unquestionably become a critical and ubiquitous feature of the enterprise operational environment, and VMware clearly predominates. Enterprises rely upon their VMware technology to support […]