Webinar: Restarting Enterprise Architecture in the age of Digital Transformation

In today’s world of digital transformation, many organizations are struggling to make Enterprise Architecture (EA) work. Some of the existing frameworks are difficult to implement and do […]

Trimodal IT Doesn’t Fix Bimodal IT – Instead, Let’s Fix Slow

The battle over bimodal IT is heating up. Now that there’s a reasonably broad consensus that Gartner’s advice about bimodal IT is deeply flawed – consensus […]

Webinar: Open Source Containers Built for Real-Time Interactions

Live Q&A with Jason Bloomberg & Atul Saini Docker has taken the open source world by storm, offering lightweight, rapidly scalable virtualized environments for running arbitrary […]

Something Rotten In The State Of Bitcoin

Are you ready to see over $5.7 billion go up in a puff of smoke? Well, stay tuned. That number is the market value of all […]