Monitoring Asynchronous Business Transactions

Essential to Successful Ecommerce Back in the day, everybody expected synchronous behavior from business applications and web sites. Click a link and wait for a response […]

Architecting the Composable Enterprise: IT for the 21st Century

Enterprise IT used to be so simple. Companies owned their own technology equipment and purchased enterprise licenses for many of the applications anybody in the organization […]

Enterprise Architecture: Ripe for Digital Disruption

Ever since I published The Agile Architecture Revolution, people have been confused by what I mean by Agile Architecture. The crux of the confusion: the difference […]
Unit4 Me Application

Unit4: Reinventing ERP as Self-Driving and People-Centric

In today’s fast-paced world of dynamic digital applications, enterprise resource planning (ERP) software rarely makes the digital A-list. While ERP software handles many core financial and […]