Certes Frictionless Crypto-Segmentation Security Solution Blocks #1 Hacking Attack Vector

Certes CryptoFlows are the industry’s first software-defined security solution for safeguarding enterprise applications over any network for any user on any device. They enable “frictionless enterprise” […]

Real-Time Digital: Transforming IT Operations Through Better Analytics

Every digital transformation initiative must deal with the ever-increasing pace of change – in the marketplace, in the technology environment, and in the world at large. […]

Arrested? My Hands Were Already Tied

By Satyam Tyagi Snake Oil and FUD The best question is asked by Jason Bloomberg in his latest Forbes posting on the Wyndham court case, “whether […]

Going Digital & Agile Architecture

By Nigel Green I’ve been reading/re-reading some great related articles that discuss agile architecture and the need recognize the business as a complex adaptive system. Here […]