Digital Breathes New Life into Service-Oriented Architecture

Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) is an approach for abstracting enterprise software capabilities as reusable services in order to support more flexible business processes and ideally, more agile […]

Challenges of Microservices Architectures

The Architecture Buzzword du Jour Move aside, big data. Sorry, devops. Cloud computing? You’re yesterday’s news. Today, the buzziest buzzword du jour is microservices. Given the […]
T-Mobile’s DevOps Technical Foundation

DevOps Progress At T-Mobile

Because of T-Mobile’s position in the cutthroat US mobile telephony marketplace, business agility is unquestionably strategic for the company, and it looks to its IT organization […]

Digital Performance Management Market Heats Up With Dynatrace – Keynote Merger

Application performance management vendor Dynatrace today announced a merger with digital testing, monitoring, and analytics vendor Keynote, forming what they call the “most advanced user experience […]