Online Sales of Business Tariffs in Telecommunications – From the Cross-Channel Reality to an Omnichannel Vision

By Martin Schmidt The biggest obstacle for implementation of our omnichannel vision is the existing organizational and logistic dividing lines between the various distribution channels for […]

The Cybersecurity Risk That Dwarfs All Others

Quick question: how many copies of Microsoft Windows Server 2003 are you running across your organization? If you’re in a large enterprise, the answer is likely […]

Application Analytics for the New Millennium

What’s old is new again. That maxim is no truer than in the white hot Application Performance Management (APM) market. A decade ago APM was a […]

Topaz transferiert Mainframe-Know-How in die Jetztzeit

Die Compuware Corporation hat ein erstes Upgrade von „Topaz“ fertig, seiner im Januar veröffentlichten Analysesoftware für Mainframe-Programme. Viele kleine und mittlere Unternehmen haben ein Problem, ihre […]