Podcast: SOA vs. Microservices – Deep Dive With Jason Bloomberg

Enterprise Initiatives Episode 11 with Jason Bloomberg Our guest on the podcast this week is Jason Bloomberg, President at Intellyx. When we build services we want […]

Digital Demand and the Dangers of the IT Vacuum

By Richard McCann Does Innovation = Risk? “In digital business, you must change your relationship with risk,”says Tina Nummo, a Gartner VP. “Treat your ability to […]

Cognitive Computing: From Post-9/11 To Post-Snowden

Depending upon whom you ask, the nascent field of cognitive computing is either the most important trend in technology since programmable computers, a massively intrusive spying […]

Jason Bloomberg Presenting This Week at DevOps Virtual Summit, Digital Strategy Innovation Summit

Keynoting at Troux Worldwide Conference and ITARC IASA World Summit later this spring Agile Digital Transformation expert and Intellyx president Jason Bloomberg will be speaking at […]