Digital Transformation Self-Organization Paradox

The transformation in digital transformation connotes an enterprise-wide organizational change, centering on the facilitation of self-organizing, innovative digital teams. Managers intent on achieving such self-organization, however, […]

Transforming Traditional IT for the Digital World

Today’s CIOs face pressure from multiple directions. The traditional pressures persist: cost savings, security and governance, maintaining systems of record while trying to keep up with […]

International Business Machines Corp. (IBM)’s SoftLayer, Power 8, System Z Will Crush Microsoft?

By Fahad Saleem In an article on Forbes, Jason Bloomberg said that the Enterprise is going through a transition phase because of Cloud and International Business […]

Learning more about omni-channel retail

By Marc Abraham I recently did an online retail course and one of the first things that our teacher Ian Jindal said was: “forget thinking about retail […]