Architecture Experts Avoid the “A” Word: Agility

I attended a Business Architecture/Enterprise Architecture power panel yesterday at the Building Business Capability conference in Miami. Since I knew two of the panelists personally, I […]

Digital Transformation in Action at the Financial Times

Newspapers are dead. People won’t pay for news any more. Millennials don’t read the news. Media companies – especially newspapers – struggle with digital transformation. These […]

Thank Goodness for POODLE

The latest cyberattack to hit the news is POODLE (Padding Oracle on Downgraded Legacy Encryption). While POODLE wins points for both the cutest title and including […]

Obamacare Drives Digital Transformation at Health Insurers

Executives in some industries may argue that digital transformation is optional, but when a market disruption upends an industry as dramatically as the Affordable Care Act […]