Low-Code: Optimizing AppDev without Sacrificing IT Control

As enterprises reacted to the drawbacks of traditional, waterfall development – long timeframes, high costs, and results that rarely met customer expectations – they had to […]

Narrative Science: AI-Driven Analytics and Natural Language Generation for Insightful, Dynamic Narratives

An Intellyx Brain Candy Brief Natural Language Generation (NLG) is now a familiar part of our day-to-day experience. In enterprise scenarios, NLG typically requires extensive data […]


非法加密货币挖矿最阴险的方面在于,受害者对此浑然不觉。专家表示,在这种新的商业模式下,攻击者不再惩罚打开附件或运行恶意脚本的受害者,而是通过劫持系统要求支付赎金。 【51CTO.com快译】非法加密货币挖矿最阴险的方面在于,受害者对此浑然不觉。思科公司Talos威胁情报部门(简称“Talos团队”)的专家们表示,在这种新的商业模式下,攻击者不再惩罚打开附件或运行恶意脚本的受害者,而是通过劫持系统要求支付赎金。现在,攻击者在积极利用被感染系统的资源进行加密货币挖矿。 … 原文标题:Top Cyberthreat Of 2018: Illicit Cryptomining,作者:Jason Bloomberg Read the entire translation at http://netsecurity.51cto.com/art/201803/567540.htm.

Webinar: Meeting Customer Expectations in the Digital Age: The Democratization of App Development

Digital disruption was 2017’s “hot topic,” but in 2018 you’re behind the curve if you haven’t moved from talk to action. From the CIO to the […]