logo - Intellyx Brain Candy A developer-centric web app build-host PaaS on steroids

An Intellyx Brain Candy Brief What is Is it a hyper-speed cloud environment cloner? A jacked-up app design, test and build tool? An invisible container […]
128 Technology logo - Intellyx Brain Candy

128 Technology: Redefining Business Service Delivery from the Router Outward

An Intellyx Brain Candy Brief As the march toward redefining enterprise applications as loosely-coupled business services continues, 128 Technology took its knowledge of network routing and […]

Infostretch: Differentiating on Digital-First Consulting

An Intellyx Brain Candy Brief The IT services firm trying to compete in today’s crowded landscape of big strategic vendors and system integrator “body shops” will […]
Dimensional Mechanics logo - Intellyx BrainCandy

Dimensional Mechanics: A Deployment-Agnostic AI Platform for Automating Machine Learning

An Intellyx Brain Candy Brief AI presents a steep design challenge. Building deep learning into software and devices requires a specialized set of advanced skills not […]