Webhose.io: Taming and Transforming Web Content

An Intellyx Brain Candy Brief We are in the age of data, and it is now the lifeblood of almost every organization. Yet most of them […]
Rajeev Rai, Chief Technology Officer and Vice President for Neiman Marcus

Neiman Marcus: Maintaining The Personal Touch In A Digital World

No industry has experienced the disruption of digital transformation more than retail. Amazon.com has upended virtually every segment of this venerable industry, well beyond the bookstores […]

The ‘Easy Revolution’ and the End of Hard-on-Purpose

From our perspective as consumers, perhaps the best thing about digital transformation is how consumerization is making technology so much easier to use. Sure, our television […]

The Quantum Age Is Almost Upon Us We And Need To Start Taking It Seriously

By Greg Satell We’ll soon be entering the quantum era and the sensationalism has already begun. A recent Forbes article, for example, warns of the ability of quantum computers […]