Evidence that sexiness is in the eye of the beholder.

Three Sexy Enterprise Infrastructure Innovators

You rarely see the words ‘sexy’ and ‘enterprise infrastructure’ in the same sentence, I’ll admit. Nevertheless, this week I had the opportunity to meet with several […]


By FX Gold 做这些事可能会使那些单纯把比特币作为一种商品交易的无辜投资者在一夜间失去一切。英特尔公司的董事长布隆伯格Jason Bloomberg坚称,如果犯罪分子不能再轻易地使用比特币,那么比特币的整个价值就会被抹去。 比特币的价值 今年春天,布隆伯格写道,比特币之所以有价值,是因为它作为了违法者的一种交换媒介。如果人们可以消除所有非法使用比特币的行为,那么网络货币就不会再出现了。但其实有人表示,布隆伯格可能夸大其词了。他们认为布隆伯格至少忽略了使用比特币的非犯罪优势,比如比特币的交易费用非常低,交易速度更快。 Read the entire article at http://www.fxgold.com/news/oyq97929d2.html
NetScout COO Michael Szabados

Can NetScout Get The Respect It Deserves?

Application and network management software vendor NetScout has been in existence since 1984, but has recently been on a tear, rising to the #7 position in […]

IT Ops analytics: IT gets its game on with better business alignment

By Jennifer Zaino “We want a more coordinated effort to tie operational visibility to business visibility,” said Jason Bloomberg, president of Intellyx, an industry analysis firm. It’s really […]