Enterprise IoT Depends Upon Enterprise Architecture

As the sensor, device, and infrastructure technologies that underpin the Internet of Things (IoT) mature, enterprises are increasingly incorporating IoT strategies into their digital transformation roadmaps. […]

The End of Business Process in the Digital Era

At Intellyx, we often talk about the transition from the Industrial Era to the Digital Era, but other than the transformation of the technology itself, the […]

Jitterbit: Turning Rapid Integration into a Competitive Advantage

An Intellyx Brain Candy Brief For most enterprise leaders, there was a predictable cadence to the acquisition, accumulation and eventual rationalization of an application stack. When […]

TigerGraph: Massively Parallel Graph Database with Deep Link Analytics

An Intellyx Brain Candy Brief First-generation graph databases are storage-centric. The second generation brought compute-centricity without real-time processing. TigerGraph is bringing to market a third-generation graph […]