Back Office Software Drives Whistler Tech Scene

With the housing costs in the San Francisco Bay area rocketing ever higher, other municipalities are hoping to steal a slice of the high tech pie. […]

VW Emissions Scandal: Death Knell for IoT?

One can hardly read a word about the recent Volkswagen emissions scandal without replacing our collective Fahrvergnügen with Schadenfreude. Massive German auto maker, caught red-handed falsifying […]

Clusterpoint: Document-Centric, ACID-Compliant DBaaS

With all the NoSQL database options available on the market today, including cloud-based Database-as-a-Service (DBaaS) options as well as installable software, you might wonder whether we […]

Innovation DevOps Mainframe : Compuware Topaz Runtime Visualizer révèle les interactions entre les programmes en production

Tirer pleinement parti du potentiel de son mainframe Combinée avec les possibilités déjà offertes par les trois précédentes releases de Topaz – notamment la visualisation et […]