Webinar: Four Considerations for Monitoring Microservices

The adoption of microservices add a new layer of complexity to an already complex application environment. When application issues arise, it becomes difficult to pinpoint the […]

Editors’ Choice for Innovation: OpenLegacy API Platform

By Jan Stafford The OpenLegacy API Platform handles and automates all aspects of an application integration project, from mapping legacy back-end assets to deployment. In addition, […]

Digital Overload Mega-Rant Catharsis

I love all this digital hullaballoo, really I do. I love all these different trends and disruptions and turmoil. I especially love the confusion – it […]

Big Data Analytics Raises the Bar for Data Preparation

Had Mark Twain lived today, we might hear him utter the oath lies, damn lies, and analytics. Statistics to be sure may still be used to […]