Defining the ‘A’ in Agile Enterprise Architecture

By Arthur Cole Even though Betz and others, like Intellyx CEO Jason Bloomberg, couch their comments within headlines like “Is Agile Killing Enterprise Architecture?” the real […]
The D-Wave 2X Quantum Computer (source: D-Wave Systems).

Quantum Computing: From Theory To Reality

The word quantum often portends New Age mumbo-jumbo, in spite of the fact that quantum mechanics underlies many of today’s most important technologies, including lasers and […]

Certes Frictionless Crypto-Segmentation Security Solution Blocks #1 Hacking Attack Vector

Certes CryptoFlows are the industry’s first software-defined security solution for safeguarding enterprise applications over any network for any user on any device. They enable “frictionless enterprise” […]

Real-Time Digital: Transforming IT Operations Through Better Analytics

Every digital transformation initiative must deal with the ever-increasing pace of change – in the marketplace, in the technology environment, and in the world at large. […]