Secondary Digital Effects of Social Media

For those of us old timers who rode the rollercoaster, an era some people have retroactively labeled Web 1.0, today’s notion of digital offers up […]

Enterprise Big Data Enablement: Risks and Rewards

The Challenge of Enterprise Batch Processing Since the dawn of enterprise digital computing, managers have been looking to computer operators to run batch data processing jobs. […]

8 Cloud Computing Books Worth Reading On Cloudy Summer Days

By Joe McKendrick The Agile Architecture Revolution: How Cloud Computing, REST-Based SOA, and Mobile Computing Are Changing Enterprise IT, by Jason Bloomberg. Jason is also a […]

Everything So Brittle: What ESB Middleware Means in 2015

This week Jason Bloomberg, industry expert and author of the book, The Agile Architecture Revolution, delivered a great presentation called: It’s the 21st Century, Why Isn’t Your […]