Citizen Integrators – Excel for Integration?

By Phil Wilkins The biggest challenge, is for SME’s to ensure that their colleagues within the IT organisation who face into the business organisation understand and promote […]

Intellyx White Paper: Rethinking BYOD Security

1965: You want to run a report, so you submit a job. Two days later you get a large binder full of striped paper, festooned with […]
Inside a secret Chinese Bitcoin mine

Bitcoin: The Queen of the Cyberwar Chessboard

In last week’s article for Forbes, I questioned the purpose of the radically innovative cybercurrency Bitcoin. Libertarians, criminals, speculators, and consumers all have an angle – […]

Why The Complete ITaaS Delivery Model™ is The Next Evolution Beyond Today’s Cloud Implementation?

By Philippe Abdoulaye Let’s take the notion of IT service which is mistakenly confused with the modules of ITSM software (e.g., BMC ITSM); how many of these Big […]