Jason Hope Agrees with Forbes: Empowerment Key to Embracing Internet of Things

In the article dated December 4th and entitled “Key to Internet of Things: Consumer Empowerment,” Forbes contributor Jason Bloomberg indicates the reason consumers are not latching […]

Compuware may have a future after its leveraged buyout

Finance experts say the continued profits from Compuware’s mainframe business will be key to paying off the debt from the company’s $2.4-billion buyout. A business plan […]

Digital Transformation Self-Organization Paradox

The transformation in digital transformation connotes an enterprise-wide organizational change, centering on the facilitation of self-organizing, innovative digital teams. Managers intent on achieving such self-organization, however, […]

Transforming Traditional IT for the Digital World

Today’s CIOs face pressure from multiple directions. The traditional pressures persist: cost savings, security and governance, maintaining systems of record while trying to keep up with […]