Digital Transformation Drives Disruption for Indian System Integrators

A generation ago, large technology consulting and system integration (SI) firms based largely out of India disrupted the SI industry with their low cost, offshore model […]

Adventures in Digital Real-Time Wonderland

In last week’s Forbes article I discussed various senses of the term real-time: low latency user interfaces, up-to-date information, live human interactions, and high-performance data processing […]

Transforming Digital Business in ‘Real-Time’

A central challenge for any digital transformation initiative is dealing with the ever-increasing pace of change – in the marketplace, in the technology environment, and in […]

GoodData: Analytics are Cloud-Based and Personal

Since I worked with Roman Stanek’s company Systinet back in the 2000s (sold to Mercury Interactive in 2006 and now part of HP), I’ve been following […]