The Big Data Recipe: Innovation, Optimization, and Disruption

Jason Bloomberg of Wired recently wrote, “The recipe for successful innovation: begin with a good measure of disruption. Add a heaping helping of talent, and don’t […]

Jason Bloomberg: Big Data-Driven Innovation – Disruption vs. Optimization

InsightaaS: Author/analyst Jason Bloomberg (aka “TheEbizWizard”) is the managing partner of Intellyx, “the first and only advisory, training, and industry analysis firm focused on architecting agility […]

Digital Performance and Resilience at O’Reilly Velocity

If you’re an enterprise digital professional who’s ever marveled at the speed and simplicity of Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram, and wondered why your own web and […]

Forbes Cloudwashing Article: A Few Key Points

I came across an article from a couple of months ago by Jason Bloomberg in Forbes entitled, “Why Implement Cloud When Cloudwashing Will Suffice?” The article […]