Agile Architecture: Creating an “Anti-Framework”

I’ve been talking about my Agile Architecture approach for a few years now, both in my book, The Agile Architecture Revolution, and in blogs like this […]

Intellyx Upends Current Architecture Practice with Availability of Bloomberg Agile Architecture Technique at #CloudExpo

Agility-Driven Approach to Enterprise Architecture Reinvents How Cloud and Big Data Provide Value to Organizations NEW YORK, NY (CLOUDEXPO), June 10, 2014 – Jason Bloomberg’s new […]

Next-Gen Enterprises, Digital Strategies, and Chasing Rainbows

The buzz in the blogosphere is growing around what it takes to become a “next-generation enterprise.” There are so many new and exciting technology trends to […]

Setting the Bar for Agile Architecture

My five months with EnterpriseWeb have run their course, and I’m returning to the world of advisory, analysis, and architecture training with my new company, Intellyx, […]