Architecture Technical Debt: The Curse of Agile?

Nowhere is the poor architect’s quest for respect more difficult than on Agile development teams. Even when Agilists admit the need for architecture, they begrudgingly call […]

Be Informed: SatNav for the Enterprise

As part of our mission to architect business agility for the enterprise, Intellyx has been interviewing vendors in support of our upcoming Agile Architecture Vendor Landscape […]

The Hacker Way Meets Agile Architecture

Sometimes random thoughts in the blogosphere coalesce into a strange synergy of ideas. When this happens, my natural impulse, of course, is to blog once more. […]

The Future of Supply Chains: Architecting for Business Agility Podcast

Podcast featuring Dustin Mattison of the Supply Chain Expert Community interviewing Jason Bloomberg on the topic of Architecting for Business agility The idea is that business […]