Three Essential Legacy Modernization Enablers of Hybrid IT

No word strikes more fear and loathing into the hearts of CIOs than legacy. The term is so reviled that software marketers are loathe to mention […]

Red Hat Says IBM Acquisition Won’t Change Its Culture — But Can It Change Theirs?

By Joseph Brookes Writing for Forbes, IT analyst Jason Bloomberg argued it was a “desperation play” for IBM looking to stay relevant in what appears to be […]

Racist Data? Human Bias is Infecting AI Development

By John Murray Machine learning algorithms process vast quantities of data and spot correlations, trends and anomalies, at levels far beyond even the brightest human mind. […]

[Webinar Recap] NoOps? Or Yes, Ops! The Future of IT Operations in a DevOps World

By Aaditya Aravamudhan Our recent webinar, NoOps? Or Yes, Ops! The Future of Operations in a DevOps World featured Jason Bloomberg, president of analyst firm Intellyx and Darren Cunningham, VP […]