Alluxio – In-Memory, Policy-Driven Data Layer for Speed and Scalability

An Intellyx Brain Candy Brief Alluxio offers an in-memory, API-based data layer that abstracts diverse file and object storage technologies, both on-premises and in the cloud. […]

Why Navigating Digital Ecosystems Is An Art, Not A Science

By WIRED Brand Lab Keys to success The universal serial bus on PCs and (until recently) Macs is standardized so that pretty much any device can connect […]

Webinar: PSD2: Open Banking with APIs

PSD2, the Payment Services Directive mandate of the European Union (EU) enables business and consumer banking customers to use third-party providers to manage financial transactions. Furthermore, […]

White Paper: A Software-Defined Industrial World: Using APIs and Microservices to Enable Industry 4.0

Industry 4.0 is moving from hype to reality. Industrial and manufacturing organizations — and those that serve them — understand that it’s happening. But exactly what […]