CoSMo: Modeling and Simulating Both Complex and Complicated Systems for Better Business Decisions

An Intellyx Brain Candy Brief The CoSMo Company leverages AI and big data technologies to model and simulate complex and complicated scenarios to provide decision makers […]

Enterprise Architecture: Ripe for Digital Disruption

Ever since I published The Agile Architecture Revolution, people have been confused by what I mean by Agile Architecture. The crux of the confusion: the difference […]

Exponentielles Wachstum: Der geheime Schatten der Innovation

By Andreas Pihan Während sich einige immer noch Gedanken darüber machen, ob und wie wir in der Lage sein werden, noch vor unserem Tod unser Bewusstsein […]

Conway’s Law and the Emergence of Business Agility

In my last Cortex newsletter, I discussed the history of Conway’s Law, and took a close look at how this erstwhile law can help us understand […]