Bring the Omnichannel Purchase to the Digital Customer

Notwithstanding my exhortations against digital marketing creepiness, B2C digital marketers love to circumlocute around the notion of the purchase. “It’s all about the customer journey!” they […]

Jason Bloomberg Presenting This Week at DevOps Virtual Summit, Digital Strategy Innovation Summit

Keynoting at Troux Worldwide Conference and ITARC IASA World Summit later this spring Agile Digital Transformation expert and Intellyx president Jason Bloomberg will be speaking at […]

Communication with the Consumer Cuts Out the Creepy

The art of retargeting utilizing big data is nothing new—and yes, it can be a little bit “creepy,” as Jason Bloomberg explains in a recent article […]

The Big Data Marketing Creepiness Factor

We’ve all been there: on our lunch hour we surreptitiously visit our favorite My Little Pony fan site. Then hours later we bring our laptop to […]