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Tufin: Policy-Based Container Security Automation with Orca

An Intellyx Brain Candy Brief The ability to define and string together multiple business services and drop them into cloud-based containers and microservices increases the rate […]
Welcome to Lake Wobegon, where all the women are strong, all the men are good-looking, and all the children are above average. -- Garrison Keillor

Can DevOps Really Shift Everything ‘To The Left’?

Just as in the fictitious Lake Wobegon, where all the children are above average, in the DevOps software lifecycle, we shift every step in the lifecycle […]

The Top Tools to Support DevSecOps – Part 5

By DevOps Digest EMPATHY Simply putting developers and security people into the same cube farm and telling them to work together won’t work, of course — […]

White Paper: Digital Transformation, DevOps, & Security

>Digital Transformation is driving Agile, DevOps and the move to cloud-based technologies. These activities, in turn, are driving the need for a stronger security. As the Equifax and Deloitte examples […]