Dispersive Technologies: Leveraging Multipath, Split-Traffic Networking for Faster, More Secure SDN

An Intellyx Brain Candy Brief On first glance, Dispersive Technologies looks like yet another SD-WAN vendor, but take a peek at their core technology, and a […]

Intellyx White Paper: Rethinking BYOD Security

1965: You want to run a report, so you submit a job. Two days later you get a large binder full of striped paper, festooned with […]

Cybersecurity at RSA: All About The Tools, No Trouble?

You could tell by the din that the RSA Conference in San Francisco this week is the largest enterprise IT security confab in the world. The […]

Editorial: Turning the Tide Against Hackers

+Forbes contributor +Jason Bloomberg with +Intellyx has a great piece about the details of this struggle, and what #cybersecurity  must do as a result: It’s getting increasingly difficult and […]