Seven Reasons to be Crabby about Technology

When it comes to technology, I’m an optimistic fellow. Not only do I believe the ongoing innovation in tech is inexorable, I’d go so far as […]

Does Trump’s ‘Weaponized AI Propaganda Machine’ Hold Water?

The secret to Donald Trump’s win: a masterful combination of big data-based manipulation of hapless Facebook users, combined with ‘weaponized’ artificial intelligence (AI) which the Trump […]

Brand new Acuity Podcast out now!

By Andy Mclean Brand new Acuity Podcast out now! The first episode of the Acuity Podcast explores the dangers of fake news, the global efforts to tackle […]

Podcast: Would You Like Some A.I. With Your Fake News?

The brand new Acuity Podcast is now available to stream and download at Every month, the free Acuity podcast will tackle the latest issues in […]