The secret to Donald Trump’s win: a masterful combination of big data-based manipulation of hapless Facebook users, combined with ‘weaponized’ artificial intelligence (AI) which the Trump campaign used to mount a relentless misinformation machine.

Or depending on your perspective, Trump’s people simply leveraged the latest generation of software tools better than the Clinton campaign was able to manage, a carefully crafted turnabout after Obama’s two campaigns successfully gained advantage on the McCain and Romney campaigns respectively by using the latest software of the day.

Regardless of how you look at the situation, influencing public opinion is what political campaigns are all about, and successful ones leverage all the tools at their disposal. Increasingly, such tools are software-based – and where political campaigns forge the way, enterprises are sure to follow.

While the inside story of the Trump campaign’s use of cutting edge technology may have nefarious overtones for some, the reality is that it set the bar for both progressives as well as conservatives in the future – as well as anyone else seeking to gain a competitive advantage using AI and big data.

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