Gartner’s Bimodal IT and IBM Watson: traps for the digital enterprise

Bimodal IT and IBM Watson? ‘It’s A Trap’

People love talking about their successes, but getting them to own up to the challenges they’re facing is far more difficult. When those challenges are with […]

Bimodal Backlash Brewing

Since I wrote last September’s article Bimodal IT: Gartner’s Recipe For Disaster lambasting Gartner’s advice on Bimodal IT, quite a number of analysts, pundits, and other […]

Bursting Gartner’s ‘Algorithm Economy’ Bubble

Remember Mad Libs? You’d get a book that contained paragraphs with key words missing, replaced with hints as to what might fill the blanks. You and […]

Intellyx’s Three Digital Prognostications for 2016

Ah, yes, the holiday season. A surprising dearth of snow, crass commercialism, yet another skirmish in the perennial ‘war on Christmas.’ And sure enough, the pinnacle […]