2018 Retrospective and 2019 Digital Transformation Predictions: And They’re Off!

As “JE” your newest Intellyx analyst, I’m ready to bet on this year’s Intellyx Predictions for 2019. An end-of-year tradition as old as Intellyx (circa 2014) […]

Delphix: Reducing Data Friction with Automated, Self-Service Access to Non-Production Data

An Intellyx Brain Candy Brief There are many reasons why people may need access to the various data that are scattered throughout the organization. Developers require […]

Should GDPR come to the US?

All of a sudden, Americans have found themselves deluged by so many emails promising updated privacy practices that these notices have reached meme status—and yet for […]

To be Truly Compliant with GDPR, Use a Blockchain that Facilitates the “Right to be Forgotten.

By Dominic McCann So you can only be assured of deletion of data if the chain that that data that is stored on is erased. A succinct […]