DLT Labs - Intellyx Brain Candy Brief

DLT Labs: Making Blockchain as Real As Cobalt

An Intellyx Brain Candy Brief Toronto-based (but globally distributed) DLT Labs is a hybrid blockchain services and product company. They are heads-down focused on delivering industry-specific […]

White Paper: A Story of Identity in Digital Transformation

How did Watchful Health Insurance increase revenue without adding new customers or providers – while improving patient care? Health insurance in many regions is uncertain at […]

Remme: Eliminating Passwords with Blockchain-Based Certificate Management

An Intellyx Brain Candy Brief The now-mature public key infrastructure (PKI) calls for a centralized, hierarchical system of certificate authorities that issue digital certificates for securing […]

Yoti: Digital Identity for Know Your Customer

An Intellyx Brain Candy Brief The blockchain-based sovereign identity market is quite crowded, but Yoti takes a different approach in that it isn’t blockchain based. Yoti […]