The ‘Easy Revolution’ and the End of Hard-on-Purpose

From our perspective as consumers, perhaps the best thing about digital transformation is how consumerization is making technology so much easier to use. Sure, our television […]

Bringing Legacy Assets to the Digital Table with ‘Leapfrog SOA’

Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) was the hottest thing going in enterprise IT a decade ago, until the cloud took off and stole all of its thunder. Nevertheless, […]

Compuware lleva el DevOps al mainframe con APIs para ISPW, su gestor de código fuente

By Para el analista de Intellyx Jason Bloomberg, “optimizar de manera integral los ciclos de vida del software es algo esencial en el actual universo digital, tanto […]

Compuware annuncia nuove REST API per ISPW

By Le API sono concepite come web service REST. Non è richiesta alcuna competenza specifica nelle tecnologie mainframe. Le API per promuovere e distribuire una […]