Apstra – Extending ‘Intent-Based’ Up the Stack

An Intellyx Brain Candy Update Since I covered Apstra in an article for Forbes in September 2017, the intent-based networking vendor has been extending its intent-based […]

White Paper: Making the Software-Defined Data Center a Reality with VMware NSX

By Jason Bloomberg and Charles Araujo The twin disruptive forces of cloud computing and digital transformation are disrupting the cloud provider marketplace. Unrelenting demand from mid-market […]

What ‘Software-Defined’ Really Means, Part One

In a recent Cortex, I bemoaned the fact that as buzzwords go, Digital Transformation is excessively vague. There is yet another buzzword of our times that […]

Where Will the SDDC Take the Enterprise, and How Quickly?

By Arthur Cole Supporting today’s workflows more cheaply and easily is only half the opportunity presented by the SDDC, however. The real gains come from transitioning all […]