The Louisiana State Capitol

Digital Transformation At The State Of Louisiana: From Data Center To The Citizen

A budget-constrained state government may be the last place you’d expect to find a top-to-bottom digital transformation that ranges from citizen-facing services all the way to […]

Bringing Legacy Assets to the Digital Table with ‘Leapfrog SOA’

Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) was the hottest thing going in enterprise IT a decade ago, until the cloud took off and stole all of its thunder. Nevertheless, […]

微服务:Java EE的掘墓人

By Steve Hu Jason Bloomberg是Intellyx的主席,他在一篇文章里指出了传统Web服务和微服务的区别,并对把传统Web服务转成微服务的趋势提出了质疑。 微服务不是企业服务总线里的Web服务,也不是传统的面向服务架构,尽管它沿袭了SOA的一些基本概念。从根本上来说,微服务跟SOA是不一样的,因为整个环境已经发生了彻底的转变。 微服务架构的环境是没有边界的:端到端,基于云的应用程序运行在完全虚拟和容器化的基础设施上。容器把应用程序和服务组件化,DevOps为IT基础设施提供框架,帮助自动化开发、部署和管理环境。 虽然容器对微服务来说不是必需的,不过微服务可以很容易地运行在容器里。况且,把非微服务的代码部署在容器里不是一个明智的选择。 Read the entire article at  

Peanuts, Popcorn, Crackerjack – And Mobile-First, Digital SOA

You may not recognize its name, but you’re sure to have frequented one of its venues. Buffalo, NY-based Delaware North manages and provides food and beverage […]