Top 5 on Twitter for June 2015 — Service Virtualization Today

By Michael Joseph Summer’s frying the Northern Hemisphere. We’ve also turned up the heat on our new and much-improved Service Virtualization Today site. Here’s the best […]

To Share, or Not to Share: Service Virtualization and Microservices

By Jessica Pennington Microservices are individual units of executable code that work within a limited framework. They are extremely useful when placed within an architecture of […]

Webinar Playback: Microservices Virtualization: How to Share Shared-Nothing Microservices

Microservices are all the rage. An important characteristic of microservices is “shared nothing” … the idea of including necessary libraries or other elements in each microservice. […]
T-Mobile’s DevOps Technical Foundation

DevOps Progress At T-Mobile

Because of T-Mobile’s position in the cutthroat US mobile telephony marketplace, business agility is unquestionably strategic for the company, and it looks to its IT organization […]