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Collateral Damage From The Inevitable Bitcoin Crash

Bitcoin is well off its all-time high, due in large part to moves by China to shut down domestic Bitcoin exchanges. Also putting pressure on Bitcoin: […]
A Bitcoin mining rig from 2014. Today, the profitable ones fill entire data centers.

Six Reasons Why We Need Blockchain Skeptics

On my Forbes beat I cover many new, disruptive technologies – innovations with their fair share of frothy hyperbole. To balance such froth, I try to […]
Tulips: the global symbol of speculative bubbles

What Is Bitcoin’s Elusive Intrinsic Value?

As the market value of a single Bitcoin comes down off its lofty all-time maximum of over $2,800 to a still-bubbly $2,500 or so, aficionados and […]

¿Existe una burbuja tecnológica como la que estalló de las puntocom?

Cuando se cumplen 15 años del hundimiento de las puntocom, “The Economist” publica un artículo en el que indica que algunos veteranos qeu vivieron ese fiasco […]