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SignalWire: An Infrastructure and API for Restarting Communications Development

An Intellyx Brain Candy Brief Sometimes a disruptive technology was right under your nose, or in your pocket, all this time. SignalWire is creating a new […]

BICS: Mobile Telephony Connectivity for the Internet of Things

An Intellyx Brain Candy Brief BICS is a global telecommunications provider that offers a range of wholesale telco services including messaging, roaming, and connectivity solutions to […]

Tres motivos para dudar de las bondades del ‘blockchain’

By Guillermo Vega En este mismo sentido apunta Jason Bloomberg, columnista de Forbes. Otros, como Axel Pierron, asegura que ni siquiera su implementación en los mercados de capitales va a […]
Pekka Soini, Director General and CEO of Tekes, speaking at the European Conference on Networks and Communications (EuCNC 2017) in Oulu, Finland.

The Eye Of The 5G Innovation Hurricane Is In The Last Place You’d Expect

5G – the fifth-generation mobile networks standards – promises to disrupt both enterprises and the telecommunications world, as it will enable blisteringly fast communications among people […]