Content marketing is the key to every inbound marketing strategy – and the rule of thumb is that three quarters of any B2B content marketing effort should be third-party content.

Intellyx fills this need with engaging, thought-provoking writing and speaking that positions Intellyx’s customers as thought leaders in disruptive, dynamic markets.

The end result: greater brand visibility and inbound qualified leads.


Intellyx's Marketing Services

Intellyx combines content marketing services into an Influence Quotient (IQ) Point Package, either as part of a subscription or separately. IQ Point Packages are Intellyx’s way of offering discounts for bundling content marketing services together, and for offering additional discounts for Influence Subscribers.

BrainBlog Posts

BrainBlog posts are generally 800-1,000 words long, and can be published on the Intellyx site, the customer’s site, or both, as well as on social media. After a planning call, Intellyx writes the post and gives the customer a single review pass before it goes live. Intellyx also provides a pdf version in the Intellyx template.

125 IQ Points


Webinars include one Intellyx analyst participating on the customer’s one-hour webinar. They include one preparatory call and one dry run. The usual format is for the analyst to present for about 20 minutes, followed by a product person, followed by Q&A. Intellyx promotes all webinar participation on social media.

300 IQ Points


Infographics include the text content and outline for an infographic (but not the graphic design itself). This deliverable includes planning, research, development, production (in conjunction with customer’s designer), and promotion of the infographic.

125 IQ Points

White Papers

White Papers, Ebooks, and Customer Case Studies are generally 2,000 – 2,400 words long, and are typically published in pdf form on the customer’s site. Intellyx promotes them by posting an excerpt with a link to the registration page on the Intellyx site and on social media.

After a planning call, Intellyx produces an outline and revises it until it meets the customer’s needs. Then Intellyx produces a draft of the paper that can go through up to three revision passes until it’s final.

White papers can be published in either the Intellyx design template or the customer’s design template.

350 IQ Points
Each additional customer (case study) 50 IQ Points

Day of Advisory

Intellyx will provide one or two analysts for a full-day session at the customer’s location in the US.

Goals of advisory as well as required preparation and deliverables to be decided jointly between Intellyx and customer, and typically includes in-depth review of customer’s messaging and go-to-market strategy with specific tactical advice on how to adjust and augment existing marketing messaging and strategy to address any identified gaps.

Customer must cover analyst travel expenses. Intellyx will also provide in-person advisory outside the US at an additional cost.

300 IQ Points (One Analyst)
550 IQ Points (Two Analysts)


Keynotes include the participation of one Intellyx analyst at a customer event in the US. Each keynote includes the following:

Preparation and delivery of a keynote presentation of up to one hour in length. Intellyx will work with its customer to finalize content for the presentation.

One Intellyx analyst will attend one day of the event (up to two days for subscribers), and will participate in Q&A, discussions, networking, dinner, and/or a panel (as speaker or moderator) as requested by the customer.

Intellyx will promote the event if customer wishes. For some events (including multiple-day customer conferences), Intellyx will also cover the event for Forbes and/or CIO Magazine.

Customer must cover analyst travel expenses. Intellyx will also provide keynotes for events outside the US at an additional cost.

500 IQ Points (In US)

Influence Quotient (IQ) Package Pricing

The cost of the a la carte IQ Packages are as follows. For additional discounts, purchase an IQ Package as part of an Influence Subscription.