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SOASTA offers load and performance testing and real user monitoring of web sites for many recognizable brands. For such customers, SOASTA’s Digital Performance Management platform provides both technology and business insights in real-time.

The market SOASTA plays in, however, is maturing, as are its products. Differentiating itself in this crowded space, therefore, is the challenge SOASTA faces.

Today’s web sites may have many thousands of pages with extensive personalization and other advanced functionality, and all such pages must perform well. But the performance of some pages is more important for achieving important business goals, like conversions (online purchases).

One of SOASTA’s key differentiators is a patented statistical technique that tells both business and technical managers what is most important for them to focus on – and in particular, what problem is most important to fix. SOASTA then identifies the highest priority actions at that particular point in time.

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