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Since the 6th Generation Intel Core processor platform launched in 2015, Intel has offered a secure enclave as part of its processor. To aid vendors in taking advantage of the enclave, Intel also offers Software Guard Extensions (SGX), a set of APIs and source code libraries.

Fortanix leverages Intel SGX to deliver remarkable levels of security unavailable without the special capabilities of the processors’ secure enclaves. For example, Fortanix enables companies to run sensitive applications in public clouds with complete privacy from their cloud provider.

Fortanix can also protect applications from malware, even at the BIOS level. The technology can even protect applications from insiders with root credential access to those applications – a hitherto nearly impossible goal.

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  1. Mike says:

    If this is true, it’s ground breaking! I want to run my applications in public cloud but my CISO says no because he does not trust it.

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