Product recalls require one-off apps: a perfect no-code use case

The Low-Code/No-Code movement will disrupt all application development from the largest enterprise applications to small, throwaway apps, but this disruption is so dramatic that it is experiencing pushback from several camps – that is the conclusion of my recent article, The Low-Code/No-Code Movement: More Disruptive Than You Realize.

Product recalls require one-off apps: a perfect no-code use case

Product recalls require one-off apps: a perfect no-code use case

To add more color to this story, I recently spoke with Martin Dowdall, Vice President and General Manager of ExpertSOLUTIONS at Stericycle. Stericycle is best known as a medical waste destruction firm, while its ExpertSOLUTIONS division offers product recall services to automobile manufacturers and other firms that have to deal with unexpected, potentially catastrophic product recalls.

There are many steps to a recall process, but among the most important is the initial outreach to affected consumers. “A lot of what we do is communications,” Dowdall said. “Our key issue is getting people with their car into the dealership to get it fixed.”

Meeting this communications need for each recall required a different application for every event. “Whenever we get a new recall event, there’s always something people want to do differently,” Dowdall explained. “We needed unlimited configuration.”

However, as recently as a few years ago, ExpertSOLUTIONS faced a substantial roadblock. Since the company had grown through several acquisitions, its IT department was a mess.

Dowdall was forthcoming about the company’s challenges. “Our legacy environment has grown through buying companies,” he explained. “We have a hodgepodge of telephony systems, Notes, Domino, 12-year-old .Net apps, Microsoft SQL, Access, Excel – you name it, we got it.”

This all-too-common heterogeneity impacted ExpertSOLUTIONS’ ability to maintain existing applications, as well as to build new ones. “We tried to rewrite a legacy .Net app twice,” Dowdall continued, “And it failed both times.”

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