By Paul Gordon

This article in that I am excerpting from is attacking the creation of a blockchain called “Red Pill.”  The blockchian was developed to give people that produce a certain type of content a safe home to publish their content without fear of being banned from the platform.  The writer, Jason Bloomberg, is editorializing about this group, accusing them of being mysoginists.  He seems to be concerned by the development of this red pill blockchain.

To be fair, I know nothing about this group.  They may, in fact, be actual mysoginists, as opposed to people who simply reject 3rd and 4th wave feminism, and thus are labeled mysoginsts.  What concerns me about this writer, however, a writer who purports to be writing for Forbes on the topic of “digital transformation,” is that he seems concerned that blockchain technology is creating opportunities for people to build free association communities, centered around content production, that are unencumbered by the politically and morally motivated owners and managers of other content creation platforms who might not agree with their political views (and thus might ban them).

The fact that a group can form around a blockchain and even (in the case of this red pill blockchain) create a cryptocurreency around it, should be something that people who believe in liberty, and wish liberty for others, would embrace.  Clearly, Jason Bloomberg is, at the very least, limited in that liberty perspective.

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