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As data has grown in critical importance to the enterprise, the founders of Okera realized that with that growth would come increasing data complexity. In turn, that complexity, they realized, would lead to three problems: the inability to find the right data at the right time, the inability to control access to that data, and the inability to manage the consumption of the data as changes occurred. In short, they realized that these challenges would lead to debilitating tension as organizations sought balance between data-driven business agility and the need for data governance.

In response, the company developed a data access platform that would help organizations respond to these challenges and resolve the tension they create. Its data platform sits on the data path and acts as an intermediary between data consumers and sources. In so doing, it serves as a central repository for data policies and metadata, and automatically manages and enforces those policies at the point of consumption.

The company’s solution essentially abstracts the data compute and consumption from data storage and inserts a layer of governance and control in between. Despite adding this layer, the solution can actually improve performance by optimizing data access and using what it calls views to provide dynamic data access within a single abstraction. Most importantly, the company believes that by integrating data cataloging, access control, and governance into a single management plane, it enables organizations to finally strike the much-needed balance between business agility and data governance.

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